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Terry Deary

was born at a very early age, so long ago he can’t remember. But his mother, who was there at the time, says he was born in Sunderland, north-east England, in 1946 so it’s not true that he writes all Horrible Histories from memory. At school he was a horrible child only interested in playing football and giving teachers a hard time. His history lessons were so boring and so badly taught that he learned to loathe the subject. Horrible Histories is his revenge.

Martin Brown

was born in Melbourne, on the proper side of the world. Ever since he can remember he’s been drawing. His dad used to bring back huge sheets of paper from work and Martin would fill them with doodles and little figures. Then, quite suddenly, with food and water, he grew up, moved to the UK and found work doing what he’s always wanted to do: drawing doodles and little figures.