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From Savage Stone Age to Terrifying Twentieth Century, find the bestselling books about every terrible time in history.

Horrible Histories has been filling heads with foul facts since 1993. It's history with the nasty bits left in!




      chunky rattus          editions

Chunky editions of all the foul favourites crammed with splats, hats and lots of rats.

The original classic paperbacks from Savage Stone Age to Woeful Second World War.

Top 50

The terrifying Top 50 series reveals the ultimate loathsome lists. 

Awesome annuals and gruesome gift editions.

Stuffed with stickers, puzzles, games, activities and foul facts - and one special with an awesome 3-metre pull-out timeline!

Dark deeds from Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Oxford, Stratford-on-Avon and York.

All you want to know about Knights, Pirates, Spies, Villains, Witches and the History of the World.

Smashing specials about England, France, Ireland, Scotland, the USA, Wales and more.

    Blood-curdling boxsets and cruel collections.

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