The Horrible Histories virtual world has now closed but no need for those long faces because all the best and beastliest bits are now available here, at our brand-new Horrible Histories website – woohoo!

So as well as finding out all the latest HH news, getting the books and being creative with the fun activities on our site, you can now draw, send and print pictures using our Grisly Gallery, and play gruesome games. Can you escape the mummy’s curse? Fight a knight? Or stop a pooruption? Go on, we dare you! But that’s not all, Horrible Histories celebrates its 20th anniversary next year and there’s lots more festering fun on the way over the coming months! Make sure you check in often so you don’t miss a trick. So go and explore the site, let us know what you think and remember we wouldn’t be as Horrible as we are today without you!

The Horrible Histories team.

Published: Tuesday July 24, 2012