You’ve survived the books and the TV series, now dare you discover the Horrible Histories® virtual world? Travel back in time and experience history in all its gory glory. Choose from five wicked worlds through which to guide your awesome avatar. Whether you belong in Ancient Egypt or Rotten Rome, whether you aspire to be a cruel queen or a putrid pirate, there’s a whole world of nasty bits only a click away. Enter if you dare...

Awesome avatars

  • Gruseome Gladiator

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  • Putrid pirate

    Insert info here

  • Cruel queen

    Insert info here

Also inside...

  • Horrible Hotspots.
  • Cruel Quests.
  • Rotten Rooms.
  • Awful Armour.
  • Murderous monarchs.
  • Gory games.
  • savage shop.
  • foul facts.
  • nasty knights.
  • vile villains.
  • putrid pirates.
  • wicked drawing wall.
  • terrible tombs.
  • ruinous rats