Beastly Bulletin

We’ve been hard at work here at Horrible Histories towers, and we’ve added loads of brutally brilliant new things to the Horrible Histories World.

Gory games
From flinging pigs at enemy knights in Chops Away to fixing the pipes to avoid a pooruption in Rat Runs: there are now six gruesome games in Horrible Histories world, and there are even more coming before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled. You might find something new festering in an unexplored corner.

Loathsome loot
Want to dress like a Tudor king or an Egyptian god? No problem! We’ve added loads of awesome outfits to the Savage Shop, so you can make sure your avatar is the best dressed in the whole horrible World.

There’s nothing like a severed head to make a room feel like home and now you can buy one for your Putrid Personal Room. If that’s not your cup of tea, you could buy a pirate’s hammock or a spinning globe instead.

Cruel quests
Feeling intrepid? Want to earn some groats? Then challenge yourself to a Cruel Quest. Seek out the quest in each world, you could be tracking down thieving pirates or hunting down wild beasts to fight in the Roman arena. And if you’ve completed them all, never fear, more dreadfully difficult quests are coming soon.

Until then keep enjoying the awesome adventures and slimy surprises!